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Details Flagge-United-States-Foreign-Service-Officer-Flag-of-a-United-States-Foreign-Service-Officer-The-official-flag-for-an-officer-of-the-United-States-Foreign-Service-Querformat-Fahne-006m

Flagge: United States Foreign Service Officer | Flag of a United States Foreign Service Officer | The official flag for an officer of the United States Foreign Service Querformat Fahne | 0.06m² | 20x30cm United States Foreign Service Officer Flag of ...

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Details Attracting-Foreign-Direct-Investment-Into-Infrastructure-Why-is-It-So-Difficult-OCCASIONAL-PAPER-FOREIGN-INVESTMENT-ADVISORY-SERVICE

Attracting Foreign Direct Investment into Infrastructure During the early 1990s, the Foreign Investment Advisory Service (FIAS), a joint facility of the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation (IFC), found that governments and foreign ...

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Details New-Dimensions-of-Chinese-Foreign-Policy

The concept 'peaceful development' has become the new thinking in Chinese foreign policy under the fourth-generation leadership. But what are the new dimensions of Chinese foreign policy and how do they impact China's foreign relations? This is the ...